India Rose

Friday Evenings with The Crystal Alchemy Bowls

New Sessions now at:

Soul Barns, Nightingale Lane, Mortimer, RG7 3PS.

A warm invitation to my upcoming Friday Evenings Meditation and Sound Immersion with the Alchemy Crystal Bowls.

Enjoy a wonderful 90minute Sound Healing session, starting with a guided meditation to ease you into the tranquil frequencies and vibrations.

One full hour of Sound. Ending with a short guided meditation to bring you back fully into the space.

Time: 7pm – 8.30pm

Investment: £25

Please join me on a beautiful candlelit Healing journey with the Crystalline frequencies and soothing sounds off the Alchemy Crystal Bowls.

Allow the vibrations of these beautiful bowls to cocoon you in a blanket of soothing frequencies, releasing the stress of everyday life and negative thought patterns. Bringing your mind, body and soul back into balance and harmony, bringing clarity to your path ahead.

My aim is to create the most sacred space where you can truly feel safe and held. Connecting in to your inner wisdom and bring guidance to support and inspire you on your life path ahead. I truly want you to live a life that fills you with purpose, joy and happiness.

Doors will open at 6:50pm.

Doors will close for a prompt start at 7pm

Please arrive in plenty of time, to settle yourself in.

My wish for you is to have the best experience possible during the session and I kindly invite you to Bring the following & anything else that is calling to you, to create your own little cosy sacred space:

  • Wear warm, comfortable clothes, socks and lots of layers, your body temperature may drop during the session and you will have a better experience if you are warm and cosy.
  • Yoga mat, camping mat etc. (if you would prefer to sit on a chair, please message me)
  • Extra blankets to lie on, which will help to keep you warm (optional)
  • Warm, cosy blanket/s to snuggle under
  • Pillow
  • Bottle of water 
  • *Crystals (optional- to charge in the beautiful energy)
  • *Eye mask (optional)  
  • *Journal (optional – you may want to write down any messages or guidance received)


  • Reduces the internal dialogue, helping to stop the “chatter” of our minds
  • Creates a state of relaxation and release of tension
  • Relief from headaches, migraines, fatigue, insomnia, joint or muscle aches, menstrual disorders, and emotional imbalances
  • Release blockages within our chakras and emotional body, releasing stagnant energy, and negative thought patterns. 
  • Cleansing and re-balancing the chakra’s
  • Awakens higher levels of consciousness
  • Bathes you in a cascade of healing sounds helping to shift the brain from (Beta) waking state to (Alpha) mediation state to (Theta) dreaming state and even Delta (deep sleep) through the vibrations of these ancient instruments.

Sound Healing sessions are not recommend if any of the following applies to you:

A heart condition/pacemaker, sound induced Epilepsy, Seizures, if you are Pregnant.

*If you have any further concerns or queries, please contact me before booking.

*Over 18 years of age only

I look forward to welcoming you into this sacred space.

With much love

India Rose x