India Rose

India rose

A Warm Welcome

Hi, I'm India Rose

India, is a UK based, Energy Healer, Sound Healer, Light language and Galactic Channel.

Here, to support you on your Spiritual Path of Awakening, as you enter the magical realms of Clearings, Healings and Activations.

India’s own healing journey has led her to master various healing modalities, and today India shares her knowledge, gifts and transformational healing tools, with individual clients and groups, In-Person and Online, connecting wherever you are in the world.

Join India as your guide on a sacred Journey of Self Discovery, Transformation and Expansion.

Leaving you feeling empowered and aligned as you unlock the magic that lies within!

Offerings, to support your Souls Journey of
healing, growth and expansion


Multidimensional Energy and light Language Healing & Activations


Alchemy Crystal Bowls, Himalayan Singing Bowls, Soul Expansion


Galactic, Golden Atlantis and Ancient Egypt, Healings & Activations


In Person Events,
Online Group Events

My mission is to empower you to remember your true Ancient Self, step into your power and the Magic, that lies within!