India Rose

Personalised Light
Language Codes

Personalised Channelled Transmission and Activation

This personalised channelled sessions combines a beautiful blend of Connection, Multidimensional Healing frequencies and Intelligent Light Language Codes.

It is a divine connection to your own unique Souls frequency and is channeled directly for your soul’s highest good.

This process of expansion, will allow for you to release what no longer serves your highest good and creates space for growth and clarity in your path ahead.

These Light Codes are intelligent and will adapt going forwards, on your path of Expansion and Growth.


          Your Session

  • 10 minute, personalised, channelled Light Language Transmission.
  • This session will be recorded in a MP3 audio format that will be sent out to you via Email.
  • Before the channelling begins, India will sit in sacred space and connect to your Guides, Higher self and Soul Family, to bring through Light Codes and Healing Frequencies, supporting any Clearings, Healings or Activations.

Mp3 Recording £77


Clients Kind Words…


My personalised recording is profound, it transports me under the

sea to Atlantis, it gives me great peace, strength, deep healing and comfort.


Thank you so much

Jac x


Kind Words