India Rose

Atlantean Activation Session

1:1 Atlantean Activation Session

Are you ready to journey back to the mystical land of Atlantis, dive into the ancient wisdom of Atlantis and unlock the power within with the Atlantean Activation Session!

Join India for a transformative experience where we’ll tap into the high-vibrational energies of this legendary civilisation to activate your inner wisdom accelerate your spiritual growth and bring forward profound Healing.

In this sacred session, we’ll draw upon the wisdom of the Atlanteans, who were masters of crystal healing, sacred geometry, and energy manipulation.

Whether you’re seeking to enhance your intuition, expand your spiritual gifts,  connect deeper to  your soul’s purpose, or receive the High vibrational Healing frequencies of Atlantis, this session offers a profound opportunity for soulful transformation and alignment.

Each Session is a sacred journey of the Soul and may include:

Atlantean Healing: Experience the High Vibrational frequencies of Atlantean Healing with the Healing Angels of

Atlantis and the High Priestesses. To release old patterns, limiting self beliefs,

blockages, wounds and trauma, restoring peace, balance and love back to your body, mind, and spirit. 

Guidance: Messages and guidance from your Higher Self, Guides, Atlanteans and the Galactic realm who resonate with your soul’s journey. Each guide has a unique gift to offer you on your path.

Soul Remembrance: Journey deep into the chambers of your soul as you uncover past lives and

ancient memories that hold the key to your souls evolution.

Soul Gifts Activations: Receive Light Language Activations to unlock your own unique spiritual gifts and wisdom,

experiencing a deeper connection to your souls purpose and mission in this lifetime.


During this session India will be channelling Light Language, for Clearings, Healings and Activations.

There will also be a connection to the Galactic star races who will assist with this session.

Are you ready to ignite the spark of transformation within your soul?

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60 mins £144

Why Atlantis?

India’s has had many, many lifetimes in Atlantis, as a High Priestess, Crystal Grower, of the finest and highest vibrational

crystals, a healer, direct channel to The Arcturians and many more.

Since activating the remembrance of her gifts and connecting to them in this lifetime, India is passionate about helping others to do the same and help them to discover who they are, anchoring and integrating it into their physical reality.